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What is L&W Restoration Services Ltd.?

L&W Restoration Services Ltd. is primarily a provider of commercial and retail handyman and facility maintenance services. Beyond our handyman services, we also offer restoration services, renovation services and 24/7 emergency services.

We take on pretty much any job that gets thrown our way, so whether you’re looking for a specific trade or any other specialized trade, we can help you out.

We believe that no job is too big or small, but if for any reason the job goes well beyond what we’re geared for, we will let you know and hopefully direct you to a company that can better assist you.

What are your hours of operation?

Standard hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (PST).

Please check out Our Rates Page for more details on our Hours of Operation.

Do you work Weekends and Holidays?
Yes, if the job requires it due to scheduling, convenience or an emergency, we are available to help. Weekends and Holidays fall outside of our standard hours of operation and therefore our After Hour Rates are in effect.

Please check out Our Rates Page for more details on our Hours of Operation.

Do you work outside of your standard 8AM-5PM?

Yes, we can work any day, any time. If you require us to work anytime Monday through Friday between 12:00 AM – 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM, we can definitely help. Because these times are outside of our standard Hours of Operation, our After Hour Rates would be in effect.

Please check out Our Rates Page for more details on our Hours of Operation.

What is your availability to start my job?

It depends on a few things, our volume of work at the time of your request, your location, what type of work you need done and if that work is dependent on good weather in the event of it being exterior work. Because we do a lot of Retail & Commercial work, we can sometimes respond immediately if we are in your area, otherwise we would discuss a day and time that works best for both parties.

Are residential services available?

Absolutely, we love working in Retail and Commercial environments but also really enjoy and appreciate being welcomed to work in someone’s home, whether it’s a House, Town House Complex, Condo or Apartment.

Do you offer free quotes?

A verbal ball park estimate for smaller jobs is available if you call us and provide details on the work you need performed.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, we have a 3 Hour Minimum Charge.

How are jobs charged?

It depends on the job, smaller jobs can be Cost Plus, meaning, by the hour. All cost plus jobs are charged per person unless stated otherwise.

Larger jobs are quoted, at which point you would receive an estimate.

Who provides the material?

Material for a job can be purchased by you, or we can purchase and transport the material for you. All material purchased and transported by us is given a 21% Markup.

Do you provide references from current or past clients?

Yes, we have a list of references that are available upon request. References will be able to give a clear and honest review of our work history.

Do you have any reviews online I can view?

Absolutely. The most reliable source for reviews are located at TrustedPros. We also have reviews on Google as well as on Facebook, which you are more than welcome to check out.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we guarantee our work. If we do a job and anything goes wrong based on our doing, we will come back and fix it ASAP and free of charge.

Certain terms do apply should a client give us specific and strict instruction on how to do our job, what we should and shouldn’t do, in which case any guarantee is then void.

When you mount something, is it secured?

Absolutely, yes we do and in some cases we even go above and beyond to maximize the stability, security and safety of what it is we are working on.

Examples Below:

An example of maximizing the mounting security would be for mounting a 50 – 100 pound mirror on a wall. Typically, the included hanging hardware may have a weight limit range in between 50 – 100 pounds. Usually included hardware will cut very close to the actual weight of the item being hung. We would maximize the hanging hardware to a 200 pound limit and is usually doubled up to occupy the secured mounting hooks that are typically built into the frame of the mirror.

Another quick example is mounting heavy fixtures into drywall. In some cases, hardware may have pre-drilled holes that will never align with the studs, simply put, securing into a stud may not be an option. In some cases, pre-packaged mounting hardware may include poor quality drywall plugs, in which case we would maximize the mounting security by switching out the drywall plugs with heavier duty Toggle Bolts which are about the most secure method of mounting heavy items into drywall when securing into studs is not an option.